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Everything started when we realize that working in projects after projects our “creation tools” were very limited, no matter if we were working on fancy “Ipads and MacBook Pros”, there was always a carry on “must-have” in our portfolios which is an irreplaceable “notebook”.

Every creative guy, founder, entrepreneur, digital marketer carry a notebook for fast notes, personal organization, sketches or just basic mindmaps. 

You get my point…

So, as entrepreneurs we always seek perfection, simplicity, balance and comfy ways to write business ideas down to a paper. The solution was very simple… “look for a productivity notebook into Amazon best choice” There are lots of them and we spent lots of time looking for one that can fit into our lifestyle.

 At this point, the perfect word to mention a “notebook” that focus on business, life, and productivity is called a “planner”. So if you look into amazon.com for “planners” you´ll find more than +500 results… 

Our question to you is: Do you have time to look at what´s the perfect planner for you that could bring the layouts or worksheets you are looking for life and business?

At the beginning yes we did!, and we spend over $190usd in 4 “awesome planners” that looked great for life and business organization… (Is not about the money, we saw that as an investment).  The point is that we spend more than 3 hours looking into +500 possible results in amazon.

The day arrived and Amazon Prime knocked our doorbell, we were pretty excited to do the unboxings and start using our planners together. Our surprise was that the four planners were awesome and very useful too… BUT! Planner number 1, 2, 3 and 4 contained layouts that we needed in a single one! so we were not using all these planners together to manage our life and business…


We were disappointed that no matter how useful apps of notes taking like Evernote, OneNote or Goodnotes on IOS were on the market, we tried everything from digital and now from “awesome planners” how could no one create a single planner that integrates at least this 6 areas of our lives?

✔ time






Then we took this conversation of the not useful planners in the market to the next level!. My girlfriend and I were looking at each other with the face of the creative spark of life, and we both said this should be a good project to help entrepreneurs like us!

She is a very talented graphic designer, and I am a startup builder and a project manager!. We took the chance to create something great and meaningful to other entrepreneurs like us, looking for a single planner that could handle and organize our life and business together.

In our journey creating this planner we had no names at the beginning, we just had the idea of what it works for us. So we took a look at the four planners that we bought in amazon and the result was a completely brand new and redesigned planner. And based on our experience that this could not be printed as a single planner because of the many worksheets and layouts there were into it. We said:


So we created more than +48 pages based on the six areas of our lives to find a balance between life and business. The plan is very simple, you select the planner worksheets that best fits in your lifestyle and just print them again and again so you obtain a 100% custom and personalized planner.

Also thinking on the name of the planner the main character are business owners so that´s how we created and launched “The Founders Planner”.

After creating the worksheets we presented the product in many facebook groups and with entrepreneur friends, the result and feedbacks were outstanding! they loved the idea of creating their custom planner that has everything their life and business needs.

Some of our users were more related to health and business, other ones were more into obtaining new habits and keeping track of them, others were very creative and liked to mind maps and sketching.

Every single user created their custom founder planner that fitted best into their lifestyle, so we were very happy and grateful that our product worked out the way we planned.

Now we invite you to try The founder’s planner and balance the 6 area’s of your life and business, give yourself some time to organize, create more wealth and improve new chances to grow in life.

We have to mention that a founder’s life is full of projects and we will continue updating the planner forever. We have something great to share with you:

🤩 After presenting the planner, more founders and entrepreneurs were very interested in collaborating with us to create custom areas of the planner, such as an “Airbnb planner”, “Landing page Planner”, “App planner” and many more! so we are creating this meaningful area of the planner while you are reading this. Updates will be forever free in your member´s area once you purchase the founder’s planner we will guarantee the coming soon planners for you.

Written by alberto gaínza

Written by alberto gaínza

Hello!, I'm a startup builder and founder of "The Founders Planner". I hope you got useful tips from my latest post!

Written by alberto gaínza

Written by alberto gaínza

Hello!, I'm a startup builder and founder of "The Founders Planner". I hope you got useful tips from my latest post!

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