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Our life is based on decisions. Although it may not seem like it, each of our actions is a conscious or unconscious decision of our brain, but when can these decisions change our life?

For me, the answer is ALWAYS. In the first hours of the day, we decide to get up early or wait for the minutes to pass, and this will have an impact on the amount of activities that we are going to do in the day or the time we will devote to each of them.

Choosing what we are going to eat, how we are going to move … is a series of actions that can change our routine.

If for these daily actions, we often have a hard time deciding, what happens when we have to make more important decisions? For example, if we start or not with our entrepreneurship, move or stay in our place, move away from that person or not, there may be many reasons that push us to go one way or another, but I will mention two main factors involved in decision making:

FEAR. This is a feeling that arises from a lack of faith. For me, fear is nothing more than an ego trap to keep us in our comfort zone, and although it is natural to feel it, it is important to identify the moment when it becomes a great limitation that does not allow us to take action and experience new things. Fear will always lead you to make the “no” decision, act or not go for it because it protects you from uncertainty, and uncertainty is uncomfortable, right?

MOTIVATION. motivation, contrary to fear, comes from destroying what you no longer want to build what you do want in your life. Motivation is the feeling that helps us take action and give way to the new things we seek. When we are motivated, we are brave and acting becomes easier, and although it seems impossible to stay in this state all the time, if we really want a change, it is essential to remember our goals and dreams to go for them.

Deciding under these two factors means responding to the situation we are trying to solve, and that, of course, brings consequences, since it is a great act of responsibility where it reflects how much control we have over our lives.

In deciding, whatever it is, we can fail and can criticize us, but we won’t know if we make the right decision until we act on it. Acting requires effort on our part, and because of that effort, many people tend to delay the process of making concrete decisions, and although this is sometimes intelligent, in others, thinking too much can cause people or external factors to influence our thoughts and end up in a place we don’t want, just to let someone else manage our life.

  Take action and control

While we can’t predict the future or the consequences of our decisions or 100% risks, we can make smarter decisions based on a list of factors to consider:

priorities Identify what is important and what is urgent. Everything is a process, but some situations require more attention than others. In any case, acting in despair is not exactly a good idea.

 FOR WHAT.  When choosing, let’s ask ourselves what is the objective we want to achieve, we must ensure that it is consistent with who we are, in addition to identifying if it will be a decision to please others more than oneself.

What you win and what you loseMaking a decision takes you to a different place than you are now and it is very important to think if that decision will allow us to move forward, leave us some learning, or only make it difficult or delay us to reach our goals.

Finally, we must know our values and be true to ourselves, because when we know ourselves and we know where we want to go, it is much easier to make decisions.


The set of small decisions forms our future.

Written by Giselle Blea

Written by Giselle Blea

Hello!, I'm a professional graphic designer and co-founder of "The Founders Planner". I hope you got useful tips from my latest post!

Written by Giselle Blea

Written by Giselle Blea

Hello!, I'm a professional graphic designer and co-founder of "The Founders Planner". I hope you got useful tips from my latest post!

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