Why most founders

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Probably if you are reading this post is because you tried to succeed with any project you started but suddenly something stopped you from reaching your goals…

That´s certainly something I called “the entrepreneur journey” and the reason we failed at the beginning is because of this 4 main points that we don´t consider in our project, here I share them with you:

1. the lack of knowledge. You do a lot of personal A/B testing.

2. THE excess of knowledge. You carry in your mind lots of ideas, third party experiences, and lots of books with valuable information…

3. early ambitions. There is a hurry in “making things happen” and you are running to finish your project but in the way, you left a lot of things empty once you say “I finished”.

4. the platforms. We have plenty of options to build our business from scratch, one better than other ones but in that specific journey of choosing your main platform like hosting, templates, blog articles, branding… You are missing the most important thing here, which is (third party experiences with the platforms).

👉 Let me clarify this with a short real story: 

I used to build landing pages from “templates” which is quite easy, but in that journey, a friend of mine told me “Alberto have you took a look into the new WordPress builder called Elementor?” I said yes! I already tried the demo version but that is not for me, I replied.

A year later I saw amazing landing pages made from scratch in WordPress which my expression was “that´s too good to be true” so I did my research and tried to build a good looking landing page using Elementor and the only result I had was a very profitable and successful website, better than the ones I used to build for many years before.

So, in this very short but successful story here is what you need to consider in your project next time you are dropping into an imminent failure.

At the beginning of the post, I mentioned 4 main points that are causing you to be unsuccessful in your entrepreneurship.

1. THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. I ignored the fact that there was new technology to build the same thing I was doing in less time and more comfortable ways to work.

2. THE EXCESS OF KNOWLEDGE. I have read lots of books and I’ve been coached by many successful entrepreneurs, that whole information was residing in my mind and I had too much to consider before taking fast decisions in my business.

Sometimes knowing too much and the lack of knowledge drives us to the same result “imminent failure” so take your time to make good choices based on what you think is right making your criteria better than all the flat knowledge you are carrying in mind.

3. EARLY AMBITIONS. “Don´t let money drains your mind” before you start your project, is good to make numbers as a projection of a good and profitable business model. But don´t let your business mind tease you!. Each time that you start a new project, keep in mind that driving sales depends on how good marketing campaigns you have, as well your graphic design, tools like your website and landing page are in the conversion rates. So, just make numbers and try to improve in your business whatever needs to be improved but right now!. That’s why you are holding a successful business been successful!

4. THE PLATFORMS. This is a subject that no ones likes to talk about, cause maybe you are too comfy with your main social media channel, maybe you have already a website, maybe you already hired a professional growth hacker to put things together…

My point is: there are other many platforms better than the ones you have. Social media is changing so fast that you have to keep making content to be at the top in your niche, or your website just looks pretty but doesn’t make you any money, or the “professional guru” you hired are just amateurs in what they say they do, but you just don´t see the difference cause you don’t understand their language!

That´s the point of all the post, you must be involved in every step required in your business! don’t let “professional” gurus help you and you don´t notice what they did, what’s the promise, what are the next steps in your project?

So, if you feel stuck in your business is because this 4 main points I mentioned to you, once you overcome this points your business will grow endless and the experience you have won now is for making more successful projects one after another one.

Written by alberto gaínza

Written by alberto gaínza

Hello!, I'm a startup builder and founder of "The Founders Planner". I hope you got useful tips from my latest post!

Written by alberto gaínza

Written by alberto gaínza

Hello!, I'm a startup builder and founder of "The Founders Planner". I hope you got useful tips from my latest post!

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